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Twelve (12) Things to Improve I.P. Rights Under $1,200

Re: General Intellectual Property Matters

Dear Valued Client: We know that these economic times are challenging however, at Kain Spielman, we also know that now is the best time to improve and protect your intellectual property (I.P.) position with some fairly low cost measures. Creative people normally outperform others during an economic crisis. Our firm is optimistic that our valued clients will survive these difficult times. Recently, the CEO of IBM, Samuel Palmisano, said: “We entered this turbulent period strong, and we expect to exit it stronger… We will simply not ride out the storm. Rather, we will take a long-term view, and go on offense.” Our firm stands side-by-side with its clients to provide assistance and improve your I.P. rights. Twelve (12) Things to Improve I.P. Rights Under $1,200: I. Update Your Product Lines with a new trademark. 1. Trademark Search and Opinion $750.00. 2. Federal Trademark Application $1,075.00. II. Update Your Web Site. 3. Select a new domain name, use it as a trademark on your web site. i. Domain – Trademark Search and Opinion $750.00. 4. Register your existing domain as a trademark. Note: the domain must be shown in the banner for “good” trademark use. i. Federal Trademark Application for Domain $1,075.00. 5. Register the copyright to your website. $850.00. Mark at least the first page with the copyright notice “© Corp. Name 2009.” 6. Add a “Terms of Use” contract to your web site. $1,200.00. 7. Update your “Subscriber or Member Agreement.” minimum charge, $1,200.00. III. Update your Product Labels and Brochures 8. Register the copyright for the label or product brochure. $350.00. Mark the item with the copyright notice “© Corp. Name 2009.” IV. Design a New Look for your Products 9. File a design patent on the look of the product. $1,200.00. V. Build a New Product or Design a New Functional Service 10. Conduct a patent search on the product or service function $1,200.00. VI. Enforce Your Rights and Stop Infringers 11. Trademark – Domain – Copyright cease and desist letters $1,000.00. 12. Patent infringement cease and desist letters $1,200.00. Due to the increase in litigation inquires, it is clear that many I.P. owners are aggressively enforcing their patent and trademark portfolios. As you know, we represent both I.P. owners, seeking to stop infringers, and companies accused of infringement. We know how to enforce I.P. rights and defend your rights to use off-patent technology, public property, generic or descriptive terms and independently created works. As always if you have any I.P. issues, please call or email our office. Our web site at is a good source of information about I.P. with many useful forms. See, for example, the “Employment Agreement” and the “Consultant Agreement,” under Resources/Forms, which confirms that your company owns its I.P. Finally, do not forget to check out our blog about domain disputes at   Sincerely, Robert C. Kain, Jr. Board Certified Intellectual Property Law for the Firm