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Florida Bar Re-Appoints Robert Kain to the Bar’s I.P. Certification Committee

The President of the Florida Bar has appointed Robert Kain to the Bar’s Intellectual Property Law Certification Committee for the fiscal year 2010 – 2011. Last year, Kain was chairman of the I.P. Certification Committee.  He has been on the Committee since its inception in 2006.

The I.P. Certification Committee certifies other Florida Bar lawyers as specialists in the I.P. field.  There are about 100 certified I.P. lawyers in Florida.  Florida has a strict policy regarding lawyer advertising and this policy prohibits any Florida lawyer from stating that he or she is a specialist unless the lawyer is “certified” in the designated legal area.  To become a certified I.P. attorney, the attorney must apply to the Bar, prove that he or she has worked in the I.P. field for many years, pass an exam and receive favorable reviews from other I.P. lawyers who know the applicant.

The I.P. Committee has nine (9) members and Robert Kain is proud to work with this stellar group of colleagues during the upcoming year.  Robert Kain is also a member of the Computer Law Committee and the I.P. Committee of the Florida Bar.

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