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Copyright Office Caps Unpublished Visual Art Work Applications to Ten

As of March 15, 2019, the U.S. Copyright Office will no longer permit applicant/claimants to file copyright applications having more that ten (10) unpublished works of visual art. This “no more than 10″ rule applies to unpublished Visual Art works of: Advertisements (visual / photography); Architectural Works; Artwork (2D, 3D); Blueprints; Board Games (visual aspects); Buildings; Carpeting; Cartography (maps / globes); Cartoons, Comic Strips, Comic Books; Catalogs (visual aspects); Craft Kits; Drawings; Fabric Designs; Flooring Designs; Illustrations; Jewelry Designs; Logos; Geologic Charts; Graphic Designs; Greeting Cards; Labels (visual aspects); Maps; Masks; Models; Paintings; Posters; Prints / Reproductions; Product Packaging; Puppets; Scientific Drawings; Sculptures; Stationary; Stencils; Technical Drawings; Textile Designs; Toys; Vessel Hulls; Wallpaper; Websites; and Wrapping Paper.

However, for unpublished collections of “photographic” works of visual art, the limit in any application is 750 photos. Works commonly registered in this category include: Commercial; Documentary Photos; Editorial; Events; Fine Art; Forensic; Personal; Photojournalism; School; Scientific; Sports; Wedding; and Portrait photos.

As a result, applicants will need to file multiple applications to comply with the “no more than 10 Visual Art works – except for photographs” rule.

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